NCB Foundation Puts Children First

CHILDREN First, a non-governmental organisation established to provide  life-changing opportunities for at-risk youth, recently opened with support from NCB Foundation, a newly furnished cyber centre at their Youth Wellness Centre.

The NCB Foundation provided support with $1 million towards the completion of the centre, which will help youngsters 10-22 in their computer skills training programme. The centre is located in Spanish Town.

The establishment of the cyber centre aims to expand and sure up the existing Youth Wellness Centre programme with specific emphasis on providing a more efficient and effective information technology training programme. The cyber centre will not only provide opportunities for youngsters to acquire computer skills, but will also incorporate entrepreneurial training for job placements and apprenticeship opportunities.

“We are grateful to NCB for their contribution, and are assured that this will be the beginning of a relationship that will seek to enhance the lives of our youngsters,” said Claudette Pious, executive director of Children First.

And said Wayne Hunter, branch manager, NCB St Jago: “The National Commercial Bank believes in building a better Jamaica and as a step in this direction, we continually find ways to improve the lives of our nation’s youth through educational and entrepreneurial opportunities.”

“NCB’s vision for this institution is to see results that will not only bring about change, but empower our youth to embrace excellence; a desire that should be naturally interwoven in the fabric of our society.”